Going forward there will be a slight tweak to this blog's style, I now intend to blog about something that has CAPTIVATED me or something I have become totally ENGROSSED within.

with the intention to capture events, activities and happenings that could give us moments of escape and eventually inspire my 'mindful' products.

hopefully, themes and similarities will occur, hopefully, other people's stories will inspire posts, who knows!

Today, Ben's story from his stag weekend away - where they all became fascinated by what happened as a hand was waved through a (low-frequency light) in an Irish bar. There was a visual echo, as your hand moved quickly around you could see not only where it was but where it had been. Like an after image, where the image is burning in your mind.

the closest thing I can find on YouTube is below. This, however, is not as Ben has described!! Something as captivating, though!

The main difference to note is Ben was describing an interactive engaging experience. They were captivated as they each 'had a go'.

could the same level of engagement be created with a video?