Thought For The Day.

At Byrnes auction house on Wednesday lot 696; four 'Acornman' chairs sold for £55. This was seen to be a bargain for 'Acornman' chairs. However in comparison to other lots of four chairs that had sold through out the day they were relatively expensive.

This brought up the conversation that night around value, worth and how a maker’s mark can add value to an object. The cut out acorn that appears across each of the hand crafted chairs, makes them collectable, valuable and therefore worth more at auction. Much like the signature on a painting, makers stamp under a ceramic piece or even name and date on a urinal!

The Acornman - Alan Grainger is one of the many wood carvers and furniture makers from Yorkshire, who work with oak and sign almost all of their pieces with a "critter" (aka sign-mark or sign-manual). Acorn | Beaver | Cat | Cat and Mouse | Dolphin | Eagle | Fish | Fox | Full Fox | Gnome | Grasshopper | Hedgehog | Kingpost | Knight | Labrador | Lily Flower | Lizard | Mouse | Oakleaf | Owl | Rabbit | Seahorse | Snail | Squirrel | Swan | Tite | Tortoise | Unicorn | Viking | Woodpecker | Woodworm | Wren

The most well know of these is Robert Thompsons, The mouseman of Kilburn, a Yorkshire man famous for carving mice into all his hand crafted oak furniture. “From a single acorn to a finished piece of beautifully hand crafted oak furniture. One man’s work from start to finish. A simple ethos established by Robert Thompson.