Bloom table lamp

I am in love with Patrick Jouin's 3D printed, interactive table lamp for MGX - the design division of materialise (the world leader in rapid prototyping techniques).

MGX's collaboration with Patrick Jouin is displayed on their website with the caption 'products for magical living'. They are not far wrong, In one movement the lamp is transformed from resembeling a flower bulb into an open blossom, releasing decorative shadows and light as the transformation unfolds.

Bloom table lamp by Patric Jouin

Bloom table lamp by Patric Jouin

I am captivated by the gentle slide and click of the mechanism as you interact with the product. The user has an involvement in the light output and as you engage, investigate and enjoy the lampshade a relationship evolves.

the clean monotone palette is also of interest, by restaraining from colour the light and shade can create detail, texture and layers of depth in its place.  

Organically inspired, interactive and with a considered decorative light output Jouin's lamp resonates with a lot of what my design agenda concerns.