This bi-yearly Manchester Festival has often worked with Manchester University to set a live competition brief. This year's brief was to create seating for 50 people using stokboard as the primary material and employing CNC cutting as the only process.

Our team won the bid with a simple and extremely efficient design; designing a family of three different sized benches, which can be nestled together, to form different arrangements. This design then generates an environment that encourages people to gather and interact. Each bench works brilliantly alone as a single bench and as a part of a family of furniture.

Additionally, our efficient slotted structure construction method meant our proposal came in under budget, allowing us to team up with several other designers to create a more aesthetically pleasing skin for each bench at this point colourful weatherproof fabric was introduced.

After the festival duration, the outdoor furniture found their new home at The Whitworth Art Gallery, who are the legacy partner for this project.