Metal Casting

To create the body of the lock, metal casting will give a secure and strong body to house the lock, protecting the key elements and security features.

As i investigated the process of metal casting and the intrcaseys you can create this informed the design and shaping of both the outside form and the internals.

As the moulten metal is poured into the mould it flows into all corners, creases and edge detailing. there is then an escape hole at the same level which lets the remaining moulton metal flow out and aslo stops an air cavelty being created and and impending explosions.

Below you can see an outline of how the moulton metal will flow into the diecast mould for E-lock. To understadsn the diagram, imagine the image rotated 45%. the metal would be poured down and into the cast from the top. with the excess coming back out the top.
Also the cast mould would take a softer shape around the form its self rather than a full block of material.

Die Casting will give the least waste materials diring manufacte. creating the mould will be the expensive elelemnt to this process. Every time you make a mould there is the tooling cost. Getting the design right before tooling up is crushal here.

Once you have the tool the materials wasite is minimal and high volume production is achievealbe and relasistioc.

The anodised finish is a design choice and a process that will reseult in the a matt silver outside edge. Much like that seen on an apple mac laptop. This finished look will give the product a high value appeal and unconcious assocation to the Mac frombthe customer. By referedning this archtypele finish I hope to add value to E-Lock.