Model Making

The module CUTE values of Product design. However, has a strong emphasis on model making, prototyping and exploring your ideas in a physical form.

Within the engineering school, there is access to the foam and woodwork workshops and it is here I found about the wonders of blue foam!

I have made models from paper, textiles and foam board over the years but when it comes to forming shapes and creating hand-held forms I am much more at home with clay or plasticine. Blue foam, however, lets you chisel away at the block, slowly revealing the shape and dimensions. A very organic and intuitive process that I instantly took to, with a saw, scalpel and a few graters (even the handy Alessi grater mum got me for Christmas) I set to work creating the sort of forms and shapes that would both look and feel good on a lower back.

Referencing to the measurement data I acquired while measuring up my girlfriends last week and considering the design development regarding shape and form as shown in my previous blog post, I will move into foam and see what happens. Below is a small sample of the images I took while creating a few models.