Design Development Cable vs Strap

While designing and developing this design, the Boaflexicore® has been a constant reference. However the materials inability to form a tight coil gave some challenges to the design. I was heading down the design route where the fabric would be within an internal retractable unit. Upon studying’s the fabric on the videos available on LiteLok’s website, it became apparent that coiling the materials was not an option. This was a great shame and took my design thinking off in a new direction.

This constant analysis of the materials, properties, constraints and opportunities available has been significantly harder for this project. I am used to designing well within my comfort zone, working with materials I know very well and have worked with for year. For this module I have not only had to research the materials but how they are made, and understand what a lot of ‘new word’ actually mean.

For example, I had no idea what an electro magnet even was! I didn’t know there was a difference between permanent magnets, earth magnets or electro magnets. By researching into magnets I was able to not only extend my knowledge and understanding of a new area, but also develop the design ideas I was having. As my understanding grew so my ideas developed and solidified. Knowing the boundaries and opportunities gives way to ideas and creating thinking.

The design then moved on to incorporate a thick string of steal that would be encased within a Kevlar outer case. You can see how the design has developed within the boundaries of what is possible.

Upon taking the prototype out and cycling for around 40mins with it I came back with a few new ideas and solutions to the problems. Why not have it around my waist. At this point I came back to the Boaflexicore®