While working as a 3D designer at Tigerprint it was common place to receive an existing product that a manager had bought from a 'comp shopping' trip and be instructed to creating something in line, similar or inspired by. Coming onto the MA I was introduced to the idea of design methodologies. Creating new ideas by thinking in a different way. Approaching design in a much more fluid and serendipitous way. Playing with materials to see if you can create something. exploring, playing, making and then stopping and looking. A much more time hungry and free way to design.

Coming to the CUTE values module where a design direction and structure were in place, really helped me to clarify my thoughts and develop my ideas generation and thinking in an organic yet controlled manner. Following the brief and customer persona creation, we were encouraged to go and look at the competitors. Exploring both online and in store.

This is something I did twice. Initially to help to refine my thinking and clarify which of the many areas I was interested in, was the most viable or the least visited. then secondly when I was finalising my design and wanted to see the components and corresponding prices points available on the market.

The first set of competitor research created was based mostly online. As you can see from the images below I approached each of the problems identified by my persona and searched for products that solved this problem available on the market.

This proved to be a very useful task, both for the process of seeing what was out there and also to understand that a lot of 'what is online' doesn't actually exist yet!

A lot of the products available on google images or Pinterest are concept designs, have been created, realistically and are 100% believable but not available yet. From this images above I have since found out, x5 are rendered/concept work!

For my second set of customer research, I visited the biggest Evan Cycles in the land. By Manchester Trafford Centre and here I spoke to one of the evan cycle assistants and ran my ideas past him. his thoughts were very customer focused and really feed into some of the final customer consideration. He was really interested in the idea of the lock being something more than a lock. His main suggestion that was off topic but GREAT was - a small fashionable bag that men can cycle to the pub with and then carry in without look like a fool. An area to revisit for sure.


I have really enjoyed and even thrived on the boundaries and timelines given in this module. I enjoyed the process of having to create a brief for myself. Identifying and user and creating a persona for them. Being able to refer back to these gave me a good mark in the sand. They changed along the way and Dave and Hayden encouraged this, but it felt reassuring to have decided on something.

This is where I need to get my work too, the standard of product designers out there is mind blowing. Solidworks 3D rendering software and photoshop are fantastic tools used correctly and I intend to create