User Persona’s

Moving forward with the user research documented in previous blogs to create user personas will help me get a better understanding of the client types available. Creating a user persona for two different types of customer should encompass the range of issues and needs there are within this identified customer.

Both user personas created can be seen below:

Having discussed these personas with the group last week, I have concluded creating a third persona that reflects key issues identified across all the research rather than breaking the personas down to reflect individual groups. This is great feedback to have received and I can see how having a real person as your persona may limit the design. Below is the new persona I will work with as this product develops.

Giving Chloe a daily timeline has really helped to understand the actual issues in relation to her life style and daily activities. This user persona has also taken a specific focus on the three S's safety, Security and Storage. By identifying here specify needs in relation to these topics a greater context can be given to the product opportunities available and the needs these must fulfil.

Researching existing products already on the market under each of the topics raised in the user persona has highlighted a range of areas for design development. To ensure I am still inline with the previous research I will just recap on the key areas of Trend research relevant to these issues.

The key issues raised by Mintel for market sector growth that also align with my user persona have influenced the brief below. The brief is broken down into two sections, the overall design direction and the PDS. Following on from this brief the key issues identified will be explored though brainstorming and sketching.