Customer Potential

To begin the research for this project I started researching Urban cycling on Google and Pinterest. I was initially interested in a few focus areas. Women and Cycling, Cycling at your desk, Personalisation with cycling accessories, being able to reuse bike components for furniture and cycling with dogs (having just got a new puppy this is very relevant for me)

I then turned my research to WGSN as the world's #1 - and most trusted - online fashion forecasting and trend service. and Mintel as the the world's leading market intelligence agency to see if any of my personal interests aligned with current forcast trends.

From the research found and the reports I have read I narrowed my research into the area of 'Female Cycling' as this has been highlighted across both Mintel and WGSN's forecast.

I then moved into primary research and conducted a range of interviews from members of the public at university who cycling regularly. I also had a more in depth conversation with a range of family and friends who were more willing to put aside 30mins of their time for my questionnaire!

Below you can find a summary of the results found.

I feel confident that my project will address some of the opportunities identified on Global trend websites. The project opportunities identified also align with a customer growth area identified by Cycle UK. I am aware that identifing a customer market as a purely female market will envivitably reduce the male customers however making this distinction Will increase the product appeal to the identified market.

The female cyclists product needs can be addressed more successfully once you take the male user out of the equation. It is key now, to direct the research into issues and concerns that where raised in the questionaire. cycling paraphernalia tends to address the male customer. I am interested in any female user needs that are yet to be addressed. issues idetified in the questionaire range from feeling unsafe when your cycling alone to concerns about appearance upon reaching destination.

This product must identify the user needs without coming across as sexist or feminist. Using the CUTE values of design process has really brought home the design methodology where the customers Journey lifestyle opinions needs and issues Will inform the design rather than trying to backfit a product packaging graphics. By researching this customer profile with secondary and primary research true issues and concerns from the female audience should be able to be identified.

Having said this where the female needs and issues will inform the desired direction I'm the product specifications this product must not alienate any other customer profiles making the female feel lesser or like they need any special products must not be in the intention here. The end user must feel like they're going to benefit from this product & this products key features addresses things that are issues to them.