Branding and Product Identity

To successfully pitch this product to the general public, consideration to the brand identity must be taken. This product is aimed at the 'working female' market and the brand must represent this.

When looking at women's sports apparel the trends forecast by WGSN are shown above. I feel these are not inline with the styling of our female customer. I will research further into popular female brands and their styling.

While searching for 'female branding' I found many examples of feminist statements through brand. This is not the sort of message this product needs. Therefore I turned my search to an innately female product – makeup, and the branding of popular and ‘current’ brands.

Above you can see images from Benefits makeup collection, their use of retro styling and 1950's pinup female styling with a tongue in check narrative will appeal to the young trendy female audience.
"Nice package"
"Enhance your AHH appeal with fabulous makeup"
" Flawless with a side of FAB!"

A similar style of commentary would be great for the advertising campaign.

Topshops makeup range has a very distinctive Branding. Their use of gestural mark making pattern give their product a playful sophisticated look and feel.
There use of monotone pallets with a clever placement of colour (usually vibrant) completes the look. Their has a hand drawn feel yet is easily readable. There are elements of this range that will feed into my branding. I am also Very inspired byTopshop's make up slogan - DESIGN WORK LIFE

Looking directly on pinterest for Logo and brand inspiration brings up a lot of commercial and polished branding ideas. Below are a few examples of my favourites.

The branding should be able to reflect Key features of the product with the use of wording, icons and slogan. The key features of this product are the Electro magnet. Finger print technology, keyless locking, lightweight nature and wearability.


Belt lock           E-lock          electrolock

First attempts at the brand identity.

First attempts at the brand identity.

I have noticed a trend across platforms I have been using in the last few months where black and white imagery teamed with an overlay of 50-80% opacity of colour is being used. Keeping in mind the other ideas that are developing around 1960 female iconic images and the marking making patterns. A real look and feel is starting to organically develop.