Design Methodology

This week has started off with a quick turtorial with the wonderful Jane Webb, sat together in MMU art school cafe sipping on a chai latte (A new found love of mine) we discussed my design methodology and direct for my final major project (FMP).


Looking back at my methodology from November, as seen here. >

It is interesting to see how focused on the method and practical application of practice it is.  Jane and I discussed how a broader context for the body of work would help.
Thinking back to a talk I attended during Manchester design week 'Design how' where a discussion around how to approach design thinking lead to the following statemns which i jotted down at the time!

"Designers are 'curators of peoples needs - be empathic relate to people and let that guide your design"

During our conversation jane also introduced the idea of 'Beauty of the ordinary' and Conviviality.

having looked back at key stages though out my MA and the refection within my sketch book (see above) I can reveal my 'current' design methadology ...

Emma Crabtree | Design Methodolgy | 04.2016

Emma Crabtree | Design Methodolgy | 04.2016