Fingerprint Technology to Unlock

I am keen to find any developments for fingerprints unlocking beyond the smartphone device. Can a fingerprint unlock a physical lock as well as an electronic device?

IDENTILOCK™ - access your firearm as quickly as your iPhone

Grasp- bicycle lock with fingerprint recognition!

Skylock - Kessless, electronic, smart bike lock

Holtek Semiconductor is a leading professional IC design house in Taiwan.

"By eliminating the need to remember passwords, carry keys or other entry tokens, fingerprint recognition technology is fast becoming an increasingly widespread secure and reliable means of individual identification," (設計支持, 2012)

From the research I have done today the findings indicate that there is technology available on the market to unlock a physical lock with your fingerprints. The image directly above highlights the existing components it's dimentions and connectability. I will therefore reference this components in my final product design.

設計支持 (2012) Available at: (Accessed: 21 April 2016).