"Learn through practice. Develop meaning from daily activities. Meaning is in the dynamic between as human beings and the world around us." (Hegarty], 2014, p. 15)

I have undertaken this MA to help redefine my practice, I feel I have completely lost sight of my personal practice. Having been involved with industry for five years now I have trained myself to meet the clients brief rather than understand what it is that motivates me creativity.

I loved my job, throughout my time at tigerprint I was working ever more closely with our college and University projects. helping fresh graduates with the transition from University into industry became one of my favourite parts of the job.
It was with this in mind I made the decision to do an MA. I was excited about getting creative in a free and potentially messy way, not being limited by the Clients opinion over cost of mass production. What I was not properly prepared for was the realisation that aN MA is a predominantly research based course, gaining a greater understanding of your practice, questioning ,investigating and critically engaging in what it is that inspires you. But What inspires me!?

I'm struggling with the transition to the university way of thinking, and the very abstract and boundaryless subject titles. I'm used to delivering a product, where MA design lab seems to have no boundaries, I do not need to design a product, there are no suggested start points, no restrictions on material it's all about the way you work, the way you create, the way you research. this is the complete flip to what I have spent the last five years doing. Is it a true transition.

In order to try and tackle this I have been to the library and taken out several books on how to research. I found this helpful, yet I'm feeling completely out of my depth as this is so far removed from what I consider creativity.

I have taken time to speak to fellow members of the MA who are also from industry and they are finding the lack of direction equally frustrating. However, they are on a specific MA that will further their design skills and are looking forward to the modules where they will learn new things. When will I be taught? I first need to decide the skills I want to refine.

all in all. the transition from a creative design job where every day you are making and designing something creative into a self led research course has left me feeling concerned as to whether I have made the correct choice.