American road trip #1

12th-17th November

Fake wooden cement fencing!



That compromise between functionality and aesthetic. Strength of concrete to ensure American trucks don't drive over the edge! However pouring the concrete into a 'wood look' mold. To give it a natural wooden feel? For blending into the picturesque scenary?

Tick and tick! I wonder if it was designed?


They have so much 'epic' stuff. Sooo many massive 'things', places, portions, people, cars, casinos.

We have history. But nothing like this. Our epicness comes from heritage, thoughtful-less is more design.

Space and size doesn't need to be a consideration for America. Resource isn't an issue either. 

Yosemite is quite literally, no exaggeration needed, the most beautiful place I have ever been. Everything deserves to be photographed, documented, shared and contemplated. An awe inspiring place. Somewhere for quiet contemplation. Pondering just how small and insignificant we are. Or somewhere to speed around in a convertible mustang! 


It's something I haven't quite considered to this extent before - space and resource really affect design. Houses in America are rarely two story. Why go up if you have unlimited space?