Reading Week

Lauren Taylor  and I explored manchester art galleries during reading week.
throughout the reading week i had several unexpected learnings, inspirational visits and opotunities for refective thought.

Visit to Manchester art gallery, where unfortunately they were between exhibitions. I found the shop and book shelves of significant interest to me. On reflection I was competitor shopping (something I was used to doing from my time in industry).
Again I find myself drawn two interesting products that were on sale. Products I had not seen before caught my attention rather than framed art.

i am aware that I attribute a lot of value on customer satisfaction and sellability. For me if someone wants to buy or have your work in their home or office that is the greatest compliment and what I would consider successful design.

Manchester Craft & Design centre

"In the heart of Manchester’s creative Northern Quarter, Manchester Craft & Design Centre is home to 30 resident artists & makers who design, create and make a variety of handmade products, from textiles and ceramics to pewter and paint, all of which can be bought on-site from the maker themselves in their independent and unique studios six days a week." (Manchester Craft And Design Centre, no date)

While visiting Lauren and I had the privilege of meeting a few of the artists. Being able to see the artists created space as well as their final work was a fantastic insight into their creative journey and design methodologies.

"design in all its manifestations is the DNA of an industrial society... It's the code that we need to explore if we are to stand a chance of understanding the nature of the modern world...its a kind of language, and it's a reflection of emotional and cultural values." (Hegarty], 2014, p. 49)

Design Manchester Festival

"Design Manchester is an originative week-long festival, celebrating creativity, collaboration and inclusivity in the worlds of art, design, illustration, animation and photography" (Design Mcr, no date)

I was lucky enough to attend