Object and Context

Choosing our option for the module for me was an easy one, Ian instantly caught my attention and captured my imagination with his presntation.
Ian's introduction to the module described how we would never see objects in the same light again . . . here goes!

Ian Roberts and his objects, helping us to look at objects in a new and meaningful way.  Looking for oppotunities to give meaning to lifes everyday activities, objectivly observe. maintaining a purposeful, critical approach to how we think and engage.

Keeping a record of my learning is essential, yet somthing i am not in the habit of doing. this blog will become a record of my learnings! - how embarrasing yet totally liberating.

Richard Wentworth & Jane Fulton Suri

Wentworth’s interest is the juxtaposition of materials and found elements that do not belong together. Wentworth is also interested in the bizarre coincidences of urban life that he documents in photographs.

Jane Fulton Suri invites you to notice the subtle and amusing ways that people react to the world around them. These “thoughtless acts” reveal how people behave in a world not perfectly tailored to their needs and demonstrate the kind of real-world observational approach that can inspire designers and anyone involved in creative endeavors.

Jane Fulton Suri is a Partner and Chief Creative Officer at IDEO. IDEO is a company with a passion for helping clients' identify design thinking solutions to their most challenging problems.
Jane "pioneered human-centered approaches and fostered a collaborative community of kindred spirits, including designers, anthropologists, and other social scientists. She evolved techniques for empathic observation and experience prototyping that are now employed widely in the design and innovation of products, services, and environments, as well as systems, organizations, and strategies.” (Navigate, 2015)

I would be so interested to see IDEO’s Method Cards, but on Amazon they are £45! ouch! birthday present maybe?! Jane's Method Cards really interest me. With my end goal of becoming a university lecturer in mind, I would love to investigate further innovative and insprational approached to idea and product generation.

While at Tigerprint, one of the things I was concered with, was injecting inspiration into the working day, being creative for a job, can often remove the enjoyment. I am interested in the idea of visititng a work place or classroom, with an aray of tasks or workshops that inspire and incourage innovation.

"If confidence is one key to success, enjoying your work is another. Even more than confidence, the sense of excitement that accompanies being created will spur you are. Just think of it as playing - you can do anything you want, go anywhere you like." (Hegarty], 2014, p. 15)

Discarded Glasses Become Vessels to Grow Plants

A recent article on 'The Plantation' where abandoned objects have been given a second change, second use really caught my eye. Looking at an egsisitng iconic design, and transforming its funtionand purpose.

"Looking for a way to use abandoned objects for the greater good, Alicja Patanowska created The PLANTATION. The PLANTATION consists of objects made from found glasses and porcelain components that when combined allow for the observation of plants growing, both stem and root." (Williamson, 2015)