Anticipating Change

Having had an introduction to the MA and exactly what an MA is, I'm aware my time as an industry designer has significantly influenced my design methodology.
we have been put into groups for our first 'anticipating change' brief.
Within my group are niladri, isuruu, Josh, Javier, Richard, steve and I. Different members of the group have different design philosophies, which should hopefully allow me to learn from their approaches:

  • niladri is concerned with design through senses.
  • Isuruu, Josh and javier are concerned with design through materiality & technology.
  • Steve is concerned with design through craft.
  • myself and Richard are concerned with design through play and collaboration

within the group I was quickly drawn into the role of organiser, I personally feel comfortable having guidelines, outlines or a brief and so we concluded our first meeting by creating a brief. The brief was to go away and research agenda 21 from our own design direction. We had happened upon agenda 21 as the theme due to engaging in conversation with a stranger at the pub. He was interested in what we talking about and suggested agenda 21! Fantastic!

The main area that came from our Agenda 21 research was the issue of limited space. It was decided that this should be our foucs area and we each when away to research limited space from our discipline perspective.

Agenda 21:
LINK to agenda 21 document

We quickly realised that confined space can have a big impact on the senses, and therefore could potentially be counteracted by focusing on the senses. This includes touch and perception (what the brain interprets from what your eyes see). It was also apparent that in having limited space, if something can be multi-purpose then it is beneficial (Ikea is a master of this one!). Some of my research into different ways of affecting preception is presented below.

Senses research

3D Wallpaper

During the interim crit for our group project – we congregated everyone in a small space. I created the flyer enabling everyone, once out of the space, to draw and describe how they had felt. The visual outcomes are most interesting to me.

As a group we are working well, but in splinter groups. Richard, Javier and I are constantly meeting up to discuss our research and findings. Our research is still surrounds the theme of limited space the group had identified at the begining.

I found working group as our first brief and introduction to the MA beneficial yet frustrating, I'm still personally trying to work out what my design approach and Practice is while collaborating, compromising and cajoling at times was frustrating.

I Approached the brief in the same way I approached briefs when I was industry. however the brief was very vague with no boundaries or guidelines - this again was hard to work with. I was keen for our project to conclude with something purposeful and Outcome a physical thing, Niladri & Josh Felt a similar way however Javier, isuruu, Richard and Steve were concerned with creating an experience or a statement in response to our investigation. This did not sit in line with my personal design methodologies and practice but helped me to realise a few of the things that do not factor into my approach to design.