Practitioners & Companies II



I love HAY as a company, for thier products, their minimal and simplictic approact to product deisgn, problem soloutions and just 'does what it says on the tin' products with a beauty and grace every designer wishes they could capture.

Their recent collection of antique rugs has caught my eye. The vintage Boucherouites, which means rags in moroccan, are made up of scraps of material and textiles, a free style rug which display a combination of style and graphc effect in a sensuous mix of textural qualities. Every carpet has a unique style, size and colour. upcycle at its very best.

Maarten Baas

"In this rudimentary Clay series the finger prints of the hands that squeezed the clay are still visible, making each piece of furniture a unique product."

For me Baas' plain collection is 'ugly'. the elements of crafting, handmaking manipulation and product personality has created a reaction of dislike. It is because the hand marks feel, unconsidered. rushed, and false. 'object and context' discussions come to mind again. taste is subjective but look at a toaster and think honestly - do they do as they imply? are the objects being honest?
Bass' plain collection - to me - is not honest.

Paul Cocksedge

‘OLED there be light: the future of illumination’ about the transformative power of light"

I must find and watch The talk Paul Cocksedge made at the London design festival 2014 the title alone is inspiring to me. for i am concered with the transformative power of light.