Who I am, how did I get here & where am I going?

What a set of questions! This really did get me thinking.
I know who i was - a 3D designer for m&S.
i know where i want to go - into teaching, lecturing to be exact.
Completing an MA at the Manchester School of Art will help me to understand my practice and facilitate the transition into university lecturing.
But who am i now? what is my practice?

I approached this as a brief - research, inital designs and then final outcome.
This brief became a very cathartic process – finalising a statement of intent really helped me to sum up exactly what it was I loved.
Mt summary was …
The creation of 3D surfaces as a medium to enhance the user experience. - interaction, collaboration & illumination.

I spoke about my poster on the day – introducing myself to the whole MA cohort! I was the first up too! Explaining my TigerPrint background, my ambitions of lecturing and the details within the poster.

Hegarty], [John (2014) Hegarty on creativity: there are no rules. United Kingdom: Thames & Hudson Ltd.

MMU MA final degree show.

The pottery shed was amazing – a hand crafted item becoming so throw away.
Watching all those pots go to waste; I just wanted to scoop one up before it crashed into the pile.

Why do we value things hand made over mass produced? The time taken to create these vessels was minimal. Maybe even quicker than machine made?

Is it the connection with another human? The imperfection?

Walking round the Manchester School of Art MA final degree show, I still find myself looking at everything and wondering would this sell?
Frustratingly I'm still concerned with the end use/goal & the end user. The journey, the reason & the inspiration are far from important to me currently.

i hope this blog Will document my journey and transition from 'commercially minded, profit driven and trained to meet a brief' into a educated, informed designer.